Nutrition Education & Programs

During the WIC visit, participants meet with a WIC nutritionist either as an individual or in a group setting. At each visit, participants are encouraged to speak with their nutritionist about topics related to their healthcare needs. Every six months participants will receive a more extensive nutrition assessment, which may include a review of growth charts and iron levels, a dietary assessment, immunization review and referrals to other healthcare and community programs. The primary nutrition component of WIC is the food provided through the program.

The WIC food package varies by participant, but may include:

  • Infant formula, infant cereal and baby food fruits, vegetables and meats
  • Milk, soy milk, cheese, yogurt and tofu
  • Whole grains: rice, bread, tortillas, pasta and cereal
  • Beans, peanut butter and canned fish
  • Fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables